The Durham Trail
Pictures from the hike

The Durham Trail extends from the Saucon Creek in Hellertown to the Durham locks.  It joins the Moravian Trail which extends from Bethlehem to Hellertown.

The name Saucon Creek comes from the Lenni Lenape Indian word Sakunk, meaning "that place where a small stream empties into a large river."  The Saucon Creek empties into the Lehigh River at the beginning of this trail.

It is in Durham that the famous Durham boats were built to transport the products of the iron masters of the Durham Furnace.  These boats, excellent craft handling well in white water, carried the iron to Philadelphia.  The Durham boat made its final voyage on March 6, 1867.  These boats played a very significant role in our early history.  They were the craft used to ferry George Washington and his troops in their Crossing of the Delaware on the evening of Christmas in 1776.

The Durham Trail takes you to the famous Durham Furnace built in 1727 and to the Durham locks.  Along the trail was the beginning of industry in colonial America, a significant part of our American heritage.  Colonel George Taylor, owner of the Durham Furnace, was the Lehigh Valley's first Iron Master and also was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  He was probably the valley's first captain of industry.

Sites along the trail:
Water Street Park

    Boehm - the first house built in Hellertown - 1747

Detwiller Plaza -

    Hellertown Municipal Building - 1818

Hellertown Jail - 1872

    Wagner Grist Mill - 1767

Springton Inn / Colonial Tavern

    Durham Mill - 1819

Durham Furnace - 1727

    Delaware Canal Lock No. 21 (Durham Lock)

Delaware River

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